KeyShot Plugins Manual

KeyShot Plugins

Our plugins extend the functionality between KeyShot and the 3D modeling application. Depending on the application, this higher level of integration makes it possible for the entire geometry along with its structure, color assignments and camera views to be imported and for KeyShot files to be exported without KeyShot being installed.


The plugins also allow our LiveLinking technology to establish a link between your 3D software and KeyShot. This keeps the software separate, allowing you to continue working and refining your design, then send all changes to KeyShot with a click. All without losing any views, materials, textures or animations already applied.

Supported 3D Apps

KeyShot connects with various 3D modeling applications through its plugins. To install a plugin, simply download and install the plugin for your application. Each plugin comes with its own installer and unique setup instructions. For specific setup instructions, click the appropriate software link on the plugin page.

Previous Versions

Looking for previous versions of KeyShot plugins? Find all of these along with other downloads and documentation here.

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KeyShot Manual

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